macarthurI have pretty much grown up in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. I moved to Delran, NJ when I was in the fourth grade, and have lived and worked in the district into my twenties. I currently live right outside of the district, in Lindenwold, NJ (NJ-1). I really did not care much about politics until around 2000 during the Bush v. Gore debacle. Since I have been paying attention to politics my home congressional district has had 3 representatives; John Adler (D), Jon Runyan (R), and Tom MacArthur (R). Adler and Runyan were from different parties, but the one thing they had in common was that they actually cared about representing their constituents. Even though I didn’t agree 100% with their views, I truly believed they had their constituents best interests in mind. Now that brings us to Tom MacArthur, a former insurance CEO and multi millionaire.

Mr. MacArthur has been in the news recently for his death amendment he has attached to the American Health Care Act, which pretty much allows states to charge those with preexisting conditions higher premiums. It’s pretty rare for a representative from my home district to be in the national spotlight, last time being John Adler when he voted against Obamacare. Self proclaimed moderate, Tom MacArthur is now attempting to gain national recognition by trying to help President Trump and the Republicans keep a 7 year promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Funny part is, that the MacArthur amendment neither repeals or replaces the ACA, it just gives the administration a symbolic victory while destroying the lives of millions of Americans. Small price to pay when you have higher political ambitions.

Tom MacArthur isn’t even from NJ’s third district, he is former mayor of Randolph, NJ and former CEO of York Risks Services Group. In 2014 when Jon Runyan decided not to run for reelection because of ” the petty ambitions and the misplaced priorities..”, Tom MacArthur saw an opening. While MacArthur was CEO of York the company allegedly skimped on a series of high-risk claims, and was sued for skirting multimillion-dollar claims after Hurricane Ike. For his time he put it in ripping off policy holders, MacArthur amassed a decent net worth of $50 million dollars, which is double the amount of the average member of Congress. In the 2014 race for NJ’s 3rd Congressional district, MacArthur spent $5 million of his own money to buy the Congressional seat. In 2016, with no real opposition, MacArthur won reelection and a free pass to do as he pleases.

Now MacArthur has flung his name into the spotlight of the heated healthcare debate, and has given the Republicans and Trump an out on their seven year promise. If passed, politically speaking, MacArthur will be viewed as the great unifier, the man who brought the conservatives and moderates together to repeal and replace Obamacare. It won’t matter to the political world that his amendment takes insurance away from almost 30,000 of his constituents, it only matters that he got a political victory for an unpopular President. Now with that political capital anything is possible, and that is exactly why Tom MacArthur spent $5 million of his personal wealth to win a Congressional seat in a quiet blue collar district in South Jersey.

It is known here in South Jersey that Tom MacArthur is not worried about his constituents, but rather he is interested in his personal political ambitions. With the backing of President Trump’s personal friend, and true governor of New Jersey, George Norcross, MacArthur knows his political possibilities are endless if this bill passes. NJ Senator Cory Booker is the number one contender to run against Trump in 2020 and Senator Menendez is hot water for shady dealings, which opens up two shots at United States Senator. In November of this year, NJ will vote for a new Governor who we will probably hate and want to vote out in 2021, and MacArthur will be sitting there as the great unifier.

Whatever MacArthur’s ambitions may be, they won’t fly with the citizens of South Jersey. I know these people, I grew up with them, worked with them, and have grown with them. We won’t be fooled by millionaires like MacArthur and Norcross. We are a hard working, blue collar group of US Citizens who bust our ass to provide for the ones we love and cherish. We smell BS from a mile a way, and we won’t allow our district to be a springboard for another millionaire to gain power, and to gain political capital at our expense.


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